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Training Scenarios

If you’re an individual contributor, use training to boost performance in your current role, prepare for a new role or responsibility, or move your career in a whole new direction.

If you’re a hiring manager, consider outsourcing new hire onboarding tasks, reducing the burden on the rest of your team.

If you’re a student in a code camp or programming class, personalized one-on-one support can help you get the most out of your program, whether it’s a single session or on-going coaching.

Here are some examples of the types of training that can be useful for different roles. There are many other possibilities, and I’m happy to craft a training plan that works for your specific needs.

Writer Prepare for a transition from non-technical writing to technical writing by learning Linux/macOS terminal commands, DITA, Oxygen, and Git.
Manual Tester Move into a higher-paying test automation role by learning the basics of Java, object-oriented programming concepts, and Selenium.
UI/UX Designer Onboard into a new job at a software company with training in Git, Jira, and the Agile/Scrum process.
Dev Tech Lead Increase your visibility within your engineering department by learning presentation skills.
Product Owner Reduce miscommunication and expensive rework by learning cutting-edge requirements gathering techniques with Cucumber, Gherkin, and Example Mapping.
Documentation Prepare for your company’s new APIs by learning about REST, curl, Postman, and REST API documentation best practices.
Software Sales Manager Reduce attrition and increase the effectiveness of your team by training them in presentation skills and the company’s REST APIs.
Code Camp Student Fill gaps in the instructional material with a patient teacher who goes at your pace, on almost any technical topic.