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Painless technical training
for less-technical people

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“My team was incredibly fortunate to work with Chris this past fall. We brought him on board to help develop a beginner-level self-paced course for one of our open source products. Chris was thoughtful and communicative throughout the project, and maintained a clear empathy for the learner, ensuring the content would be approachable and engaging for people of all experience levels. We couldn’t be happier with the resulting course, and would be happy to work with Chris again!”

Tara, instructional designer at Puppet

“Chris is a fabulous teacher. I really cannot express enough how critical his help was to getting me up and running in a new role. Chris effectively and painlessly assisted me in going from zero experience with GitHub to pushing up commits to an active repo like a pro in less than a week. Additionally, he was able to help me learn a lot about the complicated technology I’d be reporting on. Chris is patient, thoughtful, and very, very good at framing hard technical tasks in approachable, digestible ways, especially for not-so-technical people. Whether you’re learning a small technical task or a large overwhelming one, I cannot recommend Chris enough.”